Our vision is a community where people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, and genders feel safe, valued, and inspired to work toward a more inclusive and prosperous future for all. Our martial arts training will build strength in mind, body and spirt. Increase confidence in both physical and mental abilities and lead to fulfillment of personal potential.


To improve peoples lives through the study and practice of Martial Arts and to promote a healthier, safer, more postive community.

About Us

Multi Style Martial Arts uses a system of training that is designed for all ages, abilities, and skill levels. It's the perfect choice for those wanting to learn self-defense, improve self-confidence, or just get in some regular exercise.

Multi Style Martial Arts provides a solid foundation of training to enhance the student's fitness and ability. With its unique, dynamic and fast moving techniques, Multi-Style Martial Arts is a great way for the whole family to get fit, have fun and make new friends. Our chief instructor has over 40 years experience in the martial arts so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

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Why Us

Here are just four of the great reasons to train at Multi Style Martial Arts

Great Skills

Multi Style Martial Arts equips our students with a vast repertoire of defensive moves. Skills learned range from basic grappling and striking techniques, to a variety of sweeps, throws, pressure points, joint locks and pins. This also increases balance, improves concentration, increases a student’s personal empowerment, control of fear and promotes inner peace.

Great Programme

At Multi Style Martial Arts although we offer a challenging program our students are encouraged to learn at their own pace.

Students enjoy the mixed format but still experience a true and authentic tradition through classes which are both fitness and self defense oriented.

Experienced instructor

Our skilled chief instructor has over 40 years of training in the Martial Arts and our curriculum is inclusive and flexible. There are Group Classes and Private Lessons available and because we use a progressive curriculum, students build a repertoire of techniques over time. We emphasize the qualities of respect, confidence, loyalty, character, humility, focus, faithfulness, and self-discipline.


Our class fees are reasonable and priced affordably. While many Martial Arts schools request that you to sign a long contract when you join, we offer flexible monthly payments.

If not now then when?

Come and try it for yourself, you won’t regret it!.

Unique Combination Of Martial Arts

Most martial arts specialise in one or two ranges of combat, but a serious martial artist needs to be at least semi-familiar with every range of combat, because you never know exactly how any given confrontation is going to turn out. Our unique Combination of Martial Arts covers four ranges of conflict. Striking range, clinching range, ground fighting range and handheld weapons range.

Ryukyu Kempo Karate

The art of Ryukyu Kempo comes from the island that is known as Okinawa, Japan. Ryukyu Kempo teaches close-in striking, blocking, grappling, locking and escapes techniques. You will discover numerous physical and mental benefits to engaging in Ryukyu Kempo Karate.

Regular Ryukyu Kempo Karate practice offers effective self defense and helps tone the body, develop coordination, quicken reflexes, increase self esteem and self discipline. Dedicatation to the art one will develop composure, a clearer thought process, deeper insight into one's mental capabilities, and more self-confidence.

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Kombatan Arnis?

What is Kombatan Arnis?

Kombatan Arnis is a Filipino martial art developed and foundered by Grandmaster Ernesto Presas, Sr. It is a complete system comprising of various classical & modern fighting styles used in the Philippines of hand to hand & weapon combat, incorporating empty hand moves based on the same motions used in weapon fighting. The weapon is just an extension of the hand. All ranges & all areas of fighting are covered, teaching the student to react instinctively & flow.

Kombatan Arnis develops a functional fighter in any range which is why it excels as a complete system of combat. It also makes a great addition to other arts of self defense. While Kombatan Arnis is relatively new to New Zealand, it is taking the martial arts world by storm. Kombatan Arnis, an art proven in combat, is on the cutting edge of self defense. Its reactive flow drills are the vehicle to teaching a person techniques and flow, while strengthening and conditioning the body. It is equally effective for women as it is for men.

The benefits of training in Kombatan will be felt in your everyday life and not just in the training center.

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Come and try it for yourself, you won’t regret it!.


What they're saying about us

If not now then when?

Come and try it for yourself, you won’t regret it!.


Our experienced team is uniquely qualified to teach our Multi-Style program and deliver quantifiable results for you!


Multi-Style Instructor

With more than 40 years in the martial arts, Robin has black belts in Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwon-Do and an Instructor Certification in Kombatan Arnis. In addition he is a former Kickboxing competitior and has a Diploma of Recreation and Sport. This makes him ideally placed to lead our Mutli-Style program in both martial arts, sport and recreational capacities.

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Come and try it for yourself, you won’t regret it!.

Class Times

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Monday: 7:15pm to 8:00pm

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If not now then when?

Come and try it for yourself, you won’t regret it!.