Unique Features

  • Learn five Martial Arts in One.
  • Increase flexibility, speed, strength and stamina
  • Combine punches, kicks, takedowns, groundwork, footwork & defense
  • No experience necessary. Classes suitable for ages 10 and over.

Multi-Style Martial Arts is a system designed to be practical and effective in a realistic manner. Multi-Style Martial Arts training, is the combination of five different martial arts and is the perfect choice for those interested in competing or learning self-defense, improving self-confidence, or just getting in remarkable shape.  (Ryukyu Kempo Karate, Taekwon-do, Kickboxing, Jiujitsu, and Kombatan Arnis)

Multi Style Martial Arts Academy uses a system of training that is not just for athletes, it's designed for all ages, abilities, and skill levels. It provides a solid foundation of training as well as a variety of principals from different arts to enhance the student's fitness and ability. With its unique, dynamic and fast moving techniques, Multi-Style Martial Arts is a great way for the whole family (ages 13 and over) to get fit, have fun and make new friends. MSMA's instructors have over 70 years' combined experience so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Class times

Day of Week

6:00PM - 6:45PM Beginners self defense course


6:45PM - 7:30PM (Intermediate grades)


7:30PM - 8:15PM (Senior grades)

Note: Closed on public holidays.